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PSG wants Pogba from 2022 – and attracts with a mega salary

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A transfer from Paul Pogba to Paris Saint-Germain this summer seems out of the question, but next year they want to win the French from Manchester United – a utopian salary should be the key.

It is no longer a secret that PSG were keen to guide Paul Pogba back to his French homeland. But Man United put a stop to the whole thing and PSG themselves ultimately had other priorities.

Because with the big earner Lionel Messi, the French top club was able to present a new marketing event of the very first category this summer, for an additional Pogba it would have seemed too resourceful to lever out the financial fair play.

Although PSG is de facto fed by the never-ending hand of the state of Qatar , even the oily patron only wants to attract UEFA’s displeasure to a limited extent.

For Man United this means that Pogba will now be lost to PSG in summer 2022 – free transfer!

As the English media report, PSG should have got a taste for the – also free transfer – commitments of Messi, Donnarumma and Sergio Ramos. Pogba shouldn’t have to go hungry.

600,000 euros a week – everyone is waiting for the salary cap

The Independent reports that PSG is already waving the – of course properly taxed – bills. Accordingly, the French should want to inspire their compatriot Pogba with a salary of 600,000 euros for a commitment in Paris.

The European Championship round of 16 dancers should not receive this sum per month, which would correspond to a “ridiculous” annual salary of a measly 7.2 million euros. Rather, Pogba is allowed to prepare for a weekly payout of this sum, with which he would collect around 29 million euros per year.

Since Messi also gets around 30 million euros per year in the pay packet and Ramos is still fobbed off with 15 million euros per year, Pogba should fit in wonderfully.

The three figureheads alone would then devour a total of around 75 million euros in annual wages. The fact that the calls for a salary cap are getting louder and louder seems to be deliberately ignored in the fashion city.

But the deal that is coming up next summer could possibly also be the famous drop that brings the barrel of the pandemic-ridden and struggling customers of this sarcastic bubble to overflow.