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Facundo Pellistri reveals how his Man Utd transfer was at risk of collapsing

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Manchester United winger Facundo Pellistri has revealed that his 2020 transfer to Old Trafford was at risk of collapse because of his ‘baby signature’ that meant he had to re-sign all of the paperwork.

Pellistri’s £8m move Uruguayan giants Penarol was completed late on transfer deadline day last October, but an issue with his signature on the contracts not matching the one filed with the Uruguayan Football Association meant everything had to be redone.

That meant risking missing the deadline and United had to apply for an extension to ensure that everything was filed correctly.

“My transfer went through 10 minutes before the deadline. I left the training ground and signed a contract; I did that via a Facetime call from a lawyer,” Pellistri explained to The Athletic.

“I signed all the papers – and there were lots, in English and Spanish – but then, when I thought everything had been done, I got a call from United to say that my signature was wrong.

“My signature on the file with the Uruguayan Football Association was my old signature, the one I had used as a child.”

Having just spelled out his name, Pellistri explained that he had changed his signature when he was promoted to the first-team at Penarol. But his contract with the UFA had never been updated and his paperwork with United need to match that for his registration.

“My baby [signature] – which was like F.A.C.U.N.D.O P.E.L.L.I.S.T.R.I. – was still on the official forms, so I had to sign all the forms again, with the baby signature,” he said.

“All the documents had to be reprinted and signed again. We had to wait a long time for confirmation. United had to ask for an hour as an extension to the deadline.

“I was so worried because if the paperwork was not right, I could not sign for United but I also wouldn’t be able to play for Penarol.”

Pellistri, still only 19, is yet to make a competitive first-team appearance for United but did impress at Under-23 level in the first half of last season and in pre-season during the summer. He spent the second half of last season on loan at Alaves in La Liga and has since returned to them for another year.